VIP Intensive - 14 Day

INTENSIVE: concentrated on a single area or subject or into a short time; very thorough or vigorous.

No workbooks. No self-study. No more excuses.

This program is for the entrepreneurs who are ready to GO ALL IN.

The VIP Intensive consists of three major components, found below.





Daily meetings with BECCA

In this Program, we will have scheduled meetings EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 14 Days.

Each meeting will be 2 hours. These meetings will take place via Zoom and will be recorded and sent to you for your records.

The purpose of each meeting is to not only brainstorm, but execute ways that will get your business where you want it to be.

You will have my full attention during these meetings and unlimited access to me by e-mail during the Program.

If you do not already know:

I have studied with Gabby Bernstein + have successfully completed her Level 1 and 2 Masterclass, I have two successful businesses and have been self-employed for almost 7 years, I handle all of my own web design, marketing, social media, sales campaigns, creative and copy, I believe that there IS NO BOX and that 2019 is my year of LIMITLESSness (join me!), my degree is in Business Management and Marketing (so what), I am a Sagittarius (sun), Aquarius (rising), Capricorn (moon) and Manifesting Generator and I believe in you more than anyone else.

Our goal in these 14 Days is to really get serious about co-creating and building out your business goals and work together to break through any lingering limiting beliefs that are holding you back. If you haven’t already, schedule your Business Purpose Review or free consultation and let’s do this.


6 month strategy map

How cool is this?

By the time we are done, we will have mapped out the strategy for the next 6 months of your business.

Depending on your plans and industry, this can include things like:

  • financial goals,

  • marketing plans,

  • social media and web design ideas,

  • product and service offering and launches,

  • employee hiring, training plans,

  • scheduled sales funnels, e-mail campaigns and more.

We will work together to set a very clear path for you that will be the basis for your next 6 months. This will take the fear and worry out of your day-to-day after our Intensive Program ends. By doing this, we are setting you up for stress-free success and giving you a ‘skeleton strategy’ that will hold space for new downloads, intuitive ideas and other unforeseen circumstances.


follow up calls at 30, 60 and 90 days with ME!

Before the end of the program, we will schedule calls together for 30, 60 and 90 days out from our Program completion date.

I want to be able to follow up and continue to support you in your mission.

Although we will get an unbelievable amount of things accomplished in our 14 Days together, you (and your business) will be constantly evolving and I want to be a part of that.

Prior to each of your calls, you’ll receive a VIP Intensive Follow Up Call Sheet (sent to your email) that will function as a tool to organize your thoughts and questions prior to our calls.

Each call will be 45 minutes.

Remember - showing up for yourself (and your business) consistently EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is the key to growth and success. If we take baby steps each and every day, imagine where you could be 90 days from now…6 months from now…a YEAR from now!

The time is going to pass anyway,

let’s do something miraculous with it!