UPLEVEL - 60 Day Program

There comes a time and place in everyone’s life or business when an uplevel is required.

Maybe you are facing a difficult decision or transition, maybe you are ready for change…

Maybe you’ve been at it for a while, maybe you’re ready to move to a stronger online presence,

maybe you are giving your whole look, mission and vision an overhaul.

If you are taking your life or an existing business to a new level, the Uplevel 60 Day Program is for you.



Together, we will work through the Uplevel Curriculum that I have developed especially with you in mind. We will discuss and work through energetic and physical obstacles, set goals and make plans to meet them!

We start with a Purpose Review to identify your WHY, your PASSION, your PURPOSE.

Then we move into things like:

  • Current Status

  • Goals

  • Obstacles

  • Limitless List

  • and more

This training will be presented via a mixture of live training, recorded training and self-study. The bulk of the work and brainstorming will be done during our time together in the Partnership portion (outlined below). You will be held accountable to execute the plans we make together and to take inspired action to uplevel your life + business in between our meetings. As we move through the curriculum, you will see that UPLEVELING can not only be FUN, but EASY! I can’t wait to work with you!


Over the course of this 60 Day Program, we will have a total of eight 60-minute calls together (one opening call that will include the Purpose Review, one closing call that will solidify your next steps following the program and six Partnership calls to move through the Uplevel Curriculum). These calls will be schedule to best suit your schedule and will take place via a Zoom meeting. Our meetings will also be recorded so that you may have access to them indefinitely!

You will also have unlimited e-mail access to me - so if things pop up in between our sessions, we can still chat to work through them. I will be here for YOU! So, plan to tap in to my intuitive and creative business expertise as we work together to uplevel your brand to an entirely different dimension!

We will get your life + business into alignment, identify your TRUE AND CLEAR PURPOSE and get your fresh, new life + business ready to THRIVE!

I will be as invested as you are. I promise.