with becca white


[[ SEPTEMBER 4, 5 and 6 ]]

PART 1 - the message

What are you trying to say and how do you want to say it?

The first part of this 3 part training is going to provide you with insight and tools to assist you in streamlining this part of your life and business.

Sometimes we can get so clouded by other peoples’ thoughts, by society’s expectations or by our own fears.

Tune in to this segment for some things you can do to get clear about your message so that you will have a firm foundation to build what is to come.

PART 2 - the marketing

Everyone always has questions about the marketing.

The truth is, we can get buried in the details and even use this as a way to prolong sharing our message with the world.

In this segment, I will give you the must-have information that everyone needs in today’s world that will help you to move your marketing forward so that it can do its job — make a connection with your potential clients and customers.

This segment will cover websites, e-mail marketing, social media and print marketing.


PART 3 - the movement

The best part - the MOVEMENT.

This is going to give you perspective on what your life and business can look like once you streamline your life and business.

We MUST release the things that are no longer serving us. We have GOT to continue moving forward, light and free.

This segment is where that message of yours becomes a MOVEMENT - a movement within you, a movement that speaks through your marketing, a movement that MOVES your people.

Tune in to this part to learn more about how the message within you is a movement that needs to be freed and shared with the world!