Never been to one of Becca’s retreats?

Here is what past guests have to say!


“My experience at my second retreat with Becca was even better than the first - even after I thought it couldn't get any better than the first retreat! The group work we did and the energy felt that day is something you could take with you for as long as you need to feel it and I reflect on it often. Becca's dedication to the smallest detail in your day makes you feel special. Her meeting before was exactly what I needed to lay the groundwork for that day. She helped me realize exactly what I needed to concentrate and work on, or manifest, if you will. Becca's work still inspires and amazes me everyday - she is EXACTLY what my soul NEEDED!”

”Becca has been monumental in the shift that has taken place in my life over the past few months. I am so grateful for her love and understanding, and above all her friendship. This retreat was SO eye opening and I can’t wait for the next one.”

-Enchanted Living Retreat Guests

The Enchanted Living Retreat was more than I could have imagined. I knew it was going to help me personally and bleed over to my business, I just didn't realize how much. It was the most perfect day. <3 - Emily Mahler

I'm so glad that I took a leap and attended this retreat. It was something completely out of my comfort zone, and I almost cancelled. Upon arrival, I immediately felt welcomed and relaxed. I'm looking forward to my next retreat to take in more great knowledge to fulfill my future goals. - Jean

This was my first retreat and I really didn't know what to expect from it. I was so nervous because it's totally out of my comfort zone to do anything like that. All I can say is that IT.WAS.AMAZING! All of the wonderful women you meet and share in the experience together creates such a bond. Leaving the retreat that day, I felt so good and so light. I learned many things that day that I will continue to incorporate into my daily living. Becca and Jesicca are such wonderful, uplifting, loving, and giving rays of light! Thank you for this fabulous experience! ~ Kristi Weixel

If you’ve never been to one of Becca White’s retreats, you’re missing out...

I went for the first time last fall, and left with a new outlook on life, a new perspective, and a clear vision of my next steps.

Since then, I’ve stepped into my purpose and am feeling more fulfilled in life than ever before. I can’t wait to see what this retreat brings along with it.

Take my advice, treat yo’self! 🙌🏻

-Kate M.

Every woman deserves these retreats. This will be my second one and I seriously can’t wait for it. Contact Becca White to register. You WONT be disappointed at all!