Postpartum Partnerships

Stressed? Anxious? Lost? Postpartum anxiety and depression are REAL.

I know and believe that we can combat the postpartum period with PURPOSE.


these moments are sacred & powerful

you deserve to be the most complete you.

Similar to the way a doula advocates for and supports a woman during pregnancy and childbirth, my vision for our partnership is one that encompasses YOUR mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being during the course of your transition into parenthood.

In my opinion, the postpartum period really never ends once baby arrives. Whether you are transitioning into parenthood for the first time or transitioning into parents of teenagers, I believe and know that there are leaps and bounds, ebbs and flows that affect the cycles and trajectory of our lives.

What remains constant is YOU.

What remains constant is that YOU need to be HAPPY.

What remains constant is that YOU must be SO FULL that your cup OVERFLOWS.

What remains constant is that your children will ALWAYS depend on you.

What remains constant is that you DESERVE to be LIVING YOUR LIFE, not just theirs.

What you MAY NOT KNOW is that this can all happen much sooner than you think.

Let’s chat about how.

Schedule a meeting with me here.

I can’t wait to meet you.

<3 Becca

P.S. My Facebook group is open to anyone who wishes to join. If you’re up in the air about working together in a partnership, join The Village now to meet some of the other people I have worked with and to see what all I’m about!