Goddess Parties

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Friends. Family. Community. Love. Light. Miracles. Crystals. Yoni. Spirit.


Get a group together + we'll come to you with love, light, + laughs. Nothing beats in person connections + the opportunity to create and grow together. Raise your vibration, spend quality time with your favorite humans + learn about all the most unique, inspiring + delicious products that Balance Wellness Boutique has to offer.

Treat your Inner Goddess. She deserves it (and so do you!)


Party Packages

Art by:  starchildtarot

The Chakra

Our most popular party.

This option walks us through the 7 Chakras. We talk about energy + spirituality, activating + aligning the chakras and how crystals can assist us with healing + growth. Our famous Chakra Crystal Smudge Kits are the hit at this party. The lovely hostess even gets one for FREE. (And each guest, up to 10 guests, gets to choose a crystal from the Chakra oracle bag!)

For every $100 spent at the party, hostess receives $25 in free merchandise. Cha-ching!

The Amethyst

Meditation. The third eye. Awakening.

At The Amethyst, we open with a guided meditation that introduces us to the third eye + assures our strength and power as spiritual beings with a direct connection to the Divine.

Amethyst clusters are the fave at this gathering. Known for its healing and meditative properties, amethyst is a popular + beautiful stone that we all want to spend more time with.

Set your spiritual journey into motion at The Amethyst.

Each hostess gets our special Amethyst Cluster Bundle FREE as a thank you gift + receives $15 in free product for every $100 spent.

Art by:  starchildtarot

Art by:  starchildtarot

The Rose Quartz

Love. The Yoni. Spiritual pleasure.

At The Rose Quartz, we dive into all things sacred + beautiful. The main attraction at this event is the wonderful, mystical Rose Quartz Yoni egg.

Here, we will talk about The Yoni, the Heart and the obligation we have to take care of ourselves. You will be guided through a meditation where we complete energetic cord cutting, forgiving + overall healing.

The theme of this party is sensuality, oneness, creation of life and new beginnings. This is a great alternative to a typical Bachelorette Party! 

P.S. Hostess (or bride-to-be) gets a free Rose Quartz Yoni Egg + receives $15 in free product for every $100 spent.

How to Book

Ready to book your Goddess Party? Awesome, it's easy!

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  2. Hang tight + you’ll hear back from a member of Becca’s team within 24 hours with confirmation.

  3. We have this delicious Goddess Party! <3

*Fine print: Expect parties to last between 2-3 hours. Additional hours can be scheduled in advance for an extra fee. All party packages include up to 10 guests.